Vaping Shelters


Vaping Shelters

Vaping has gained in popularity over recent years, and with that growth has come the requirement for organisations to provide vaping shelters – which also, obviously, double up as smoking shelters. In 2022 around 8% of the adult population were vaping occasionally or regularly. This is up from 4% in the previous year 2021 and the use of disposable vapes increased to 15.2% of adults who vape in 2022. So, vaping is becoming increasingly popular as smoking is slowly declining.

So, vaping shelters for organisations both large and small are becoming increasingly relevant and we can provide you will all the assistance you need to find the most appropriate shelter for your needs. The strength, quality and durability of our shelter is second to none. Our shelters look great with an air of real quality.

Once you have ordered your vaping shelter, we can deliver it to your premises and assemble it in situ, or it can be collected from our factory.

Options to consider are the type of roof you require – flat roof or barrel roof options – as well as any type of seating and glazing material. All shelters carry ‘free smoking area’ logo’s and signage.

We manufacture all our products with longevity and quality in mind. They are made in the UK utilising an ISOQAR-accredited Quality Management System, which provides you the peace of mind that you have purchased a quality product. We can manufacture a single unit order or a thousand-unit order.

Our after-sales service includes a superb maintenance and repair service which will keep your shelter looking great and can increase its lifespan too.

All of our vaping shelters can be made in our Urban Metro, Invincible and Brilliance Ranges.

For more information about our vaping shelters and huts, please email us or call!

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