High Level

Service and Maintenance

At Euroshel, we pride ourselves with a high level of service and maintenance which we know enhances our customers working relationship with us.

Site Surveys

The service can start even before you are an established customer, as we are happy to help with site surveys with potential customers who might need advice about the size and type of shelter that might be appropriate for a village, for example, or commercial premises. If you have a current shelter that is in a state of disrepair, we will also survey the site and advise accordingly. This service is free of charge for current customers, otherwise a small charge is applied.

Reactive Maintenance and Repair

We have a reactive maintenance and repair service, which focusses primarily on bus shelters, whether they are our shelters or our competitors. Typically, a road traffic accident will mean repair work is needed quite quickly. Euroshel can react within twenty-four hours if you are situated within a hundred-mile radius of Lancashire. Beyond that we will be able to react within a forty-eight hour time frame. Euroshel can repair and refurbish other manufacturers shelters and have the capability to manufacture components to be able to do so.

Euroshel are happy to attend a site to repaint, tidy up, repair and even clean shelters if required and offer that service throughout the UK.

Typical Work Undertaken

If a shelter has been damaged because of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) or vandalism, a Council will notify us in an email and there is often an image of the damage. We then quote to repair the shelter and once complete, we forward an image of the shelter, along with a description of the work undertaken as evidence that it has been done.

Other typical work we do is a light clean or deep clean of a shelter. The deep clean includes graffiti and vegetation removal.

With some council’s we install and change advertising posters on bus shelters on a regular basis.

Apart from offering a site inspection service for the building and siting of a shelter, we also offer a a site inspection for electrical link-ups for any lights in a shelter. We are qualified to handle electrical work for link-ups in solar powered shelters, otherwise, we use a qualified electrician.

In Addition

All shelter installation work is done by Euroshel trained staff, and we can offer training to Council staff in shelter installation or repair work. It is a one day training course and the participant receives a certificate of completion.

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