Bus Shelter Repair


Bus Shelter Repair and Maintenance

We have a reactive bus shelter repair and maintenance service. This service is not only for Euroshel bus shelters, but other manufacturers structures too. Bus shelter repairs are often required immediately, and they are typically the result of vandalism or a road traffic accident. If you are situated in a hundred-mile radius of Lancashire, we can have a repair team with you within a 24-hour timeframe. If you are further than that geographically, then the reaction time is likely to be around 48 hours depending on location.

We can repair our competitors shelters as well as our own and can manufacture the correct components enabling a quality repair. We can attend a site to tidy up, repaint, repair and even deep clean shelters and we offer this service throughout the UK. We can also remove graffiti and repair vandalism.

Our own modular design of bus shelter means that repairs can be undertaken quickly and effectively. Unlike some manufacturers, the cost of a whole shelter is not written off, as can sometimes be the case. With Euroshel shelters, damaged panels and framework are simply and easily replaced, reducing lifetime costs.

You can rest assured that our repair team hold themselves to the highest standards and work quickly and efficiently. We adopt a “get it right first-time policy” to reduce problems and issues and to achieve high levels of customer communication and service.

Our reactive repair team are also highly qualified and hold NRSWA accreditations along with all other relevant accreditations within their area or work.

For more information about our bus shelter repair service please call us on 0333 344 4671 or email on enquiry@euroshel.com 

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