Living Roof Bus Shelters


Living Roof Bus Shelters

Also known as ‘Green’ roof shelters or ‘Sedum’ roof shelters, our living roof bus shelters are becoming increasingly popular as City Councils, Parish Council’s, Local Authorities and larger Companies react to climate change concerns that are so prevalent in today’s world.

Our living roof bus shelters, which are also affectionally called ‘Buzz Stops’, are created to support native biodiversity, bring more greenery into towns and cities, and help to develop healthier local communities.

Living roof bus shelters not only absorb carbon but help to capture contaminant particles. In return they give back clean air. As well as air filtration they also help to attenuate water, slowing down and taking up some of the storm water before it disappears down our sewer systems. They give a lot of this water back to the atmosphere via evapotranspiration, all helping to offset the effects of the Urban Heat Island.

We approached specialist landscaping suppliers to help to develop the construction of the planted roof, which is in the form of a cassette or tray, as well as the actual plants to go into the cassette. The plants, which are primarily sedum, require minimal maintenance but also need to be able to cope with more extreme weather, particularly a lack of, and too much, rain. The sedum cassettes are situated within a custom-made roof panel, sloped slightly to allow any excess water to drain off via an outlet pipe concealed within the rear stanchions. This water then drains away into a land drain.

The end result is a living roof bus shelter that has the exceptional quality and longevity that you would always associate with a Euroshel product, but also one that contributes positively to the environment.  

The bus shelter itself is of a modular design and is easy to install and maintain. At Euroshel, we have the capability to manufacture a single unit order or a thousand-unit order.

All of our shelters are manufactured in the UK and we operate an ISOQAR accredited Quality Management System which covers all aspects of our business from design right through to manufacture and installation.

This provides you with the peace of mind you need for your purchasing decision. Our after-sales service is first class with a dedicated maintenance and repair operation that adds to the longevity of our shelters.

For more information about our living roof bus shelter, please email us or call!

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