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About Euroshel

What we do

Euroshel are best known as designers and manufacturers of premium stainless steel bus shelters, which look great whether it be an urban, rural or coastal location. However, our broad range of shelter products also includes Living roof shelters, EV charge point shelters, cycle shelters, pay station shelters, and smoking shelters.

So, Why Choose Euroshel?

Euroshel have in house trained installers to install all shelters across the UK and beyond, ensuring shelters are fitted efficiently and correctly.

Once installed, we provide a highly reactive and even emergency call outs for maintenance and repairs. Any breakages or vandalism can be rapidly resolved.

Our shelters are known for their longevity. Once purchased, they really last and stainless steel shelters come with a 20 year guarantee. Powder coated shelters are guaranteed for 5 years.

Euroshel have vast experience of bus shelters and can provide problem solving suggestions to Council’s to reduce future maintenance costs on their assets.

All our shelters are constructed with a low maintenance modular framing system.

Our aftercare cleaning service keeps the products looking like new!

In addition, we offer a refurbishment service for other manufacturers’ shelters!

How we got here

In 1978 we produced the first ‘vandal resistant’ bus shelter for a Local Authority who we still continue to supply a bus shelter infrastructure to.

Bill Cross Senior started the business and with the help of his family the business grew to become the respected name it is today, headed up by Bill Cross Junior. The products have evolved over the years into a modern and sustainable product offering covering every type of shelter imaginable. The main sales are bus shelters but the company has diversified into other types of shelters such as parking pay machine shelters, EV charging shelters, cycle shelters. What Bill Cross doesn’t know about shelters, is not worth knowing!

Customers that buy once from Euroshel tend to buy again due to the excellent advice and customer service that we provide. Euroshel staff actually care about getting the customer requirements right and prides itself on providing the expert advice to ensure the shelters are what the area needs. Euroshel’s customers are numerous and span the UK. They vary from a Parish Council to a County Council. Euroshel management are very proud of their products and their journey to the current position in the marketplace, offering a high quality, long lasting product.

Company future vision/goals

1) We will continue to implement the living roof bus shelters across the UK, in line with the demands of our customers and the environmentally responsible direction we are taking as a company.
2) We want to be seen as ‘go to’ supplier for a high quality sustainable long-lasting product.
3) To create a new bus shelter design encompassing a futuristic approach and to see Euroshel bus shelters and other Euroshel shelters implemented across the UK.
4) To be the UK’s main supplier of EV charging vehicle shelters.
5) To have a fleet of electric vehicles for our transportation needs

Meet the team

Finance Director
Operations Manager
Office Administrator
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