Bus Shelter Installation


Bus Shelter Installation

In addition to bus shelter manufacture, Euroshel also offer bus shelter installation. The process of installation does not just refer to new bus shelters supplied by us and building it securely into a location of your choice. Our installation process can also involve retrofitting and shelter revamp and renovation work. We can alter any aspect of previously installed Euroshel bus shelters, additionally we can also alter or retrofit any aspect of other shelter manufacturers structures.

We can Replace and introduce panels to polycarbonate, glass, Vanda glaze (which is a vandal resistant panelling that has excellent cleaning factors), or mesh panelling. We can also incorporate solid composite infill panels that are used for advertising and display purposes, if required. The options for our customers are almost limitless.

In addition, Midbar colours can be altered too. We can retrofit different types of roof’s to a bus shelter including Vanda glaze, a solid composite roof, toughened laminated glass or a living roof which will accommodate sedum and grass (with Euroshel’s Custom made drainage system incorporated).

This is all made possible because of the modular design and construction of our shelters which allows us to both easily install our shelters, but also to change, modify and upgrade our shelters if required. Where our modular construction also come into its own is where an accident repair is required, usually after a road traffic accident (RTA). Our modular construction means that the cost of a whole shelter is not written off, but damaged panels or stanchions are simply and easily replaced, reducing lifetime costs.

In today’s energy conscious world, we can also install-from-new or retro-install energy saving lighting, solar lighting units, and LED lighting all with dusk till dawn sensors included.

We pride ourselves with our installation work which is carried out by our expert and experienced team of installation operatives. They are all highly qualified in their field and hold a NRSWA certification as a minimum along with all other relevant accreditations within their area or work, such as manual handling, abrasive wheels, and working at height.

For more information about our bus shelter installation service please call us on 0333 344 4671 or email on enquiry@euroshel.com .

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